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Article about men painting their toes showing Dean Mcdermott getting a pedicure

Alpha Nail, nail polish made just for men.  Pretty cool concept they have with the nail polish pen they came up with.  Although a little pricey, I'm going to have to try them one day soon.  And they have a successful fighter for a spokesperson, so drive home the Alpha male a little more.  Check em out.

BB Couture's line of nail polish just for men.  They have some very nice and masculine colors, or try some of the other colors from their standard line, for even more selection.

OPI makes some great high quality nail colors and they have about a gazillion colors (yes, gazillion, lol).  Check them out if you want a wide variety.

"Manicure and Pedicure set"
Medicool MPS Manicure Pedicure Station

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