Photo Gallery of my feet

Here's a few examples of my feet painted in different colors to show how good it can look.  Come on guys, give it a try, your feet will look so much better and you won't believe how much nicer your feet will look.  If you don't want to look feminine, great, just do a nice job, pick a neutral color like blues, dark redish browns, black etc, and paint your toes but present yourself like you normally do, and you wont look feminine at all.

Here's one of my working on a job.  I do construction work and always work in sandals, with my toes painted with no negative responses at all.


And I now work barefoot, in a kilt as shown in these pics

I have recently begun producing How To Videos for YouTube on the channel called That Kilted Guy How Videos, wearing a kilt, and barefoot with my painted toes showing for all to see.  Check out my videos using the link above.

That Kilted Guy How to Videos
That Kilted Guy How to Videos

That Kilted Guy How to Videos
That Kilted Guy How to Videos

Here's a few more random pics of my painted nails.  These show how I've been pushing the limits of fashion as well.  I started wearing kilts and now sometimes wear skirts.  The skirts get more stares, but nothing negative so far, and they are so comfortable.  And when I wear shoes I often wear pretty sandals I bought in the womens dept, but sometimes still wear more rugged Chacos or something, as it just depends on my mood.  I've been doing all this for about 8 years now, or so, and I've NEVER had one single negative encounter.  The worst has been very mild negative comments like 'I would never do that' or something so simple.


Win $1,500 Cash for your Opinionsmale foot with birkenstock tobago sandals and dark red nail polish and anklet
I think this color looks great on men and I LOVE these sandals.  These were sold in the womens section, but I love them.  I'm also wearing my favorite Birkenstock tobago sandals with one of my anklets.

blue nail varnish, polish on a mans toes
I love blues like this, but then I love a lot of colors, lol

full body pic of man with painted toes
Just a normal, casual male look, but with painted toes

red painted toes on a man with birkenstock sandals
I love the look of these sandals, but they are about 1/2 size small, dang it.  Came from womens section online.


male with pink chaco sandals and red toe nail varnish
I love color, even pink, so I bought a pair of pink chacos I wear in public and love them

man wearing pink nail polish and toe ring
A pinkish color I've worn, and one of my toe rings.

man wearing flip flops, nail polish and sweat pants
Just a normal, casual male look, but with painted toes.

closeup of male painted toenail
Closeup showing how good your nails can look as a guy

Male toes painted with OPI nail polish called Borris and Natasha
Sorry for the lower quality, but this is Borris and Natasha from OPIs Russian Collection