Photo Gallery of my Male Readers painted nails

I've got a few more pics of some of my readers nails to share.  Thanks guys for all the submissions.
If you're interested in having your photos featured here, feel free to submit them but NOTE, to keep from being overwhelmed with incoming photos I will from now on only accept the following types of photos:
  1. Clear, well lit photos
  2. No extreme closeups only and I prefer photos showing most of your hand or foot
  3. Must include at least one full body shot showing your face and your painted nails
  4. Your nails must be done really well and your feet or hands must be in good shape

By submitting the photos you are giving me permission to use them on my site without any compensation required, and without any credits.

Ross sent me these pics.  He is a fashion forward, freethinker and is not afraid to explore some womens fashion as well as mens.  Even if it's just in private, it's a start that guys can wear clothing that appeals to them, regardless of the label.  And I'm including them here because he also paints his
nails, and they look Great!  Thanks Ross!

Next is Scotts pics.  I don't have any history here, but thanks for the photo submission Scott!

And Thanks to Danny Brendel for submitting these photos

These pics come from 'Dizzy Fingers' & I love these colors.  Looking great Dizzy!

Here's a few pictures of some of my Male readers and their painted nails.  Here you'll see their face and their nails instead of just their painted nails.  Submit your photos by emailing them to me via the email address at the top right of this blog.

Thanks to Guy Polish (Jim) for this cool photo showing how good a guys toes can look in pink, or any color.  And to top it off, he has some rhinestones on his big toes.  Way to go Jim!

More photos coming soon