Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to show your painted toes or fingers in public as a man

Something I've read many times in online discussion groups about men painting their nails is 'How can I go out in public with my nails painted without getting ridiculed, pointed at etc?'  So here's my answer-

male painted toes and sandals
My normal male look with painted toes
Just do it.  Ok, that sounds overly simple, but it really is that simple.  But let me expand on that a little.  The first time I was brave enough to go out in public with my painted toes showing I was SO NERVOUS.  I just knew that everyone was going to notice, point, taunt me and laugh at me.  Heck, I thought I might even get in a fight over it.  So I went out trying to avoid people (at Wal Mart no less, lol) and was constantly ducking into another isle, turning away from others and I kept looking around to see who was noticing.  In other words, I probably looked like I was there to commit a crime, lol.  And guess what, I found quite a few people looking at me as if to figure out what I was up to, because I looked like I was up to something wrong.

Then I came home and removed the polish and didn't try that again for months.  It actually took me years to realize, thanks to the internet, that there were a lot more guys who painted their toes or fingers than I ever imagined.  So I started getting braver and would let my friends see my toes painted, and some made little jokes about it, but most thought it was cool that I was brave enough to do something like that since I obviously liked it.  But I still rarely went out in public with them showing and was mostly a closet nail painter like I'm sure many of you reading this are.

Fast forward a couple of years to my 2nd wife who always told me I should just do what made me happy.  Problem was I had a very conservative cowboy father who ridiculed any guy with an ear ring, long hair, etc.  So there was no way he would think it was alright that I painted my toes.  But then in 2007 my father passed away and I began to realize how short life was.  I started thinking differently about a lot of things and realized I needed to live my life the way I wanted to and not the way I thought society wanted me to.  So I began going out in public with painted toes and decided to act normal, and not look around to see who was staring, pointing etc.  And guess what?  I noticed that VERY FEW people noticed at all, and NO ONE ridiculed me, or any of my other fears.  Yes, I still looked, but just casually and out of the corner of my eye, but mostly I acted like I wasn't doing anything wrong.

men with painted toesNow it's been around 4 years that I've been doing this, and I wear open toed sandals 99% of the time, so everyone can see, and I still haven't had one single real negative situation.  Yeah, I've had a few negative comments, but it's all been from women who say something non offensive like 'I don't get it, but to each his own' or something similar.  But I've had WAY more positive comments, mostly from women, but a few men too.  The women think it's very cool that I'm brave enough to do this and you wouldn't believe how many have said that they wish their significant other would try it so their feet wouldn't be so crusty and yucky.

And my current wife loves it.  She much prefers that I have my toes painted and thinks they look boring when not painted.

So how do you get away with it in public?  Just do it.  Really, it's that simple.  Just go out in public and don't act like you're doing anything wrong.  Walk with confidence and others will see you as a very brave person, and many will be jealous that their boyfriends or hubby's don't do it.  And I can guarantee that many guys will be wishing they were brave enough to do it themselves.  And if you catch someone staring, SO WHAT.  Lifes to short to go through life trying to please the world.  If you do that, you'll fail so why not please yourself.  Painted nails can make you feel good about yourself, and they are just fun.  Many guys are amazed how good their toes look painted and can't stop looking at them, so just do it, you'll love it.

But, let me add a few more tips to pulling it off successfully in my little list -
  1. Do a VERY good job of painting your nails including all the proper prep, filing, callous removal etc.  A poorly done pedicure/manicure with color just looks like lipstick on a pig.  If you can't do a great job, go to a nail salon.  The 1st time you'll be nervous, but it will be no big deal after that.  I've gone dozens of times and often chat with women next to me who think it's very cool and wish their hubby would try it.
  2. Dress in your normal male garb.  If you're also into some feminine clothes or shoes, great, me too, but if you don't want to stand out, dress like a guy who just happens to paint his toes.
  3. If you're in a relationship, go out with your wife/girlfriend as people pay less attention to you when you are with a woman and you can feel more confident that others wont label you as gay if you're not.  Note that I have nothing against gays and have gay friends, but if you're straight, it can suck to be labeled as gay just because you wear nail polish, though I don't know of any situation where that has happened to me, just saying.
  4. Hold your head up and act confident.  People perceive us the way we act, so act confident and if someone notices they'll just think you're a confident guy who paints his nails.
  5. When you're new to this, pick a fairly neutral color like dark blues, greys, browns etc. Stay away from reds, pinks and bright colors.  Later, as you gain confidence, you'll find you can wear most any color without turning heads.  I wear reds and pinks in public with no problem.

So guys, get out there, hold your head up and you'll find that the issues you perceive are much more in your head than in reality.

Any other guys want to relate their experiences here?
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

What colors of nail polish are acceptable for guys to wear?

I see this question fairly often on mens nail groups and thought I should address this as per my views.  It's funny how programmed we are to colors fitting certain genders or certain colors mean we are gay or whatever, lol.  I'm guilty of it too, to a lesser degree.  I mean we all grow up hearing blue is for boys and pink is for girls right?

A man with pink painted toes
My pink nail polish
But why is that?  Well, I think pink is a softer color so is more closely related to the softer side of women, but does that mean pink is ONLY for girls?  Heck no, it's just a color.  I wish society would quit labeling colors as being masculine or feminine.  Color is just color and if you like it, wear it, whether it's clothes, or nail polish.  We should each choose colors that make us happy, or feel good and quit worrying about what others will think.

man in pink polo shirt
Oh, I know, that's easier said than done sometimes, but I try to follow that philosophy and I have several pink polo shirts which my wife agrees look great on me.  I have a couple pairs of pink socks which I love, pink undies (mens actually, but it's rare you find them) and I sometimes wear pinkish colors on my toes.  If my wife & I saw a pair of pink panties I liked I wouldn't hesitate to buy them if I thought they would be comfortable and fit properly, but that's a subject for another time.  But like color, panties are just a label which is why so many women are wearing boxers these days.  But I'll address that issue in another post.

Color is a very definite part of our lives and each of us has favorite colors or tones and no matter what color you choose, someone will think that color is gross, or not their favorite, but does it really matterNo, it really doesn't.  Life is to short to live your life the way others think you should.  It's your life, do what makes you happy.  If you want to paint your nails pink, go for it, if you prefer purple or green, do it.  It just might put a smile on your face and make you feel good inside.  I know that having my toes painted a pretty or cool color does that for me.  Actually, when my toes aren't painted, they look boring and are almost depressing.  And if some narrow minded person on the street scoffs at it, SO WHAT?  It's their loss in my opinion.

So what does everyone else think about this subject?
Until next time, keep painting your nails and living life,

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