Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Christmas pedicure & my badly cracked heels.

Haven't posted in awhile, because, well, I've been super busy mostly.  We are trying to build our construction business to be much more successful so that we can build our dream home.  And on that subject, working barefoot like I do, has played havoc on my heels.  I do drywall work, and the dust had dried my heels out so bad that they are badly cracked and very sore. 

So yesterday, I finally went in for a pedicure, and decided to go for a Christmas'y color and chose a nice glittery red.  But I really need to go in for more of these to get my feet back in nice shape again.  They look fine from above, but I have a couple of bad cracks that my wife has glued back together with super glue.  I go through this a lot so we know how to get rid of it, but if you all have any suggestions, for me, and others, feel free to post them in the comments.

Mostly what I do is use several products, often, such as Okeefs heel cream, Healtastic and olive oil.  I think the key is to keep them moisturized so your body can do the healing it needs too, and honestly, closed toed shoes would help, but I just can't stand to wear them, even in the winter.

So here's the picture of how it came out.  Hope you like it, and go get one yourself, if you haven't already.