Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm so Lucky on my birthday ...

men with red painted toes
My current color is Close to this one, but a darker red
Just had my 51st birthday this Sunday and had a great day.  But the reason I'm writing is to tell you how lucky I am to be married to a wonderful woman, my wife Carla.  To treat me for my birthday she offered to paint my toes for me.  Now, she had done this before, but it was extra special because it was my birthday.  And each time it reminds me how lucky I am.  I have a wife who loves me just the way I am and loves my unique ways.  It's not just the painted toes either.  I also shave my body from nose to toes, have an ear ring (one, which was her suggestion too), I like pink socks, some womens shoes because they are prettier than the boring mens choices, and fun, and I do things like wear pantyhose or tights in the winter.  I even wear a sarong in the summer, or a skirt in the winter because it's more comfortable to me.  I'm also a nudist, as is she, and so sarongs and skirts are the closest I can get to being naked when I have to wear something due to the cold, or to avoid offending anyone.

And she likes it ALL.  Wow, can you say lucky guy (pun intended as my name is Guy, lol).  Heck, she even loves shaving my legs and arms when we can.  She shares some of her skirts and sarongs with me and helps me pick out shoes.  Of course I do the same for her so we have a unique relationship.

Now for those of you who don't know me, let me clarify.  I don't wear skirts to look like a woman, nor do I wear makeup, although she likes a small amount of eyeliner on me.  Nor do I wish to be a woman, I am just an open minded freethinking kind of guy and I do and wear what makes me happy.  Now I do have a bit of a foot fetish, which is one reason I like toe rings, nicely painted toes, shoes, socks, anklets and such, but I mostly love painting my toes just because I LOVE the way they look.  I once thought that if I could do it all the time I might get bored with it and quit but, WRONG.  I've had my toes painted an average of about 355 days a year for about 3-4 years now and I still love it as much as the first day I tried it about 20 years ago.

So I just wanted to let everyone know how lucky I am and to say THANK YOU to my amazing wife.  I hope that many of you can find the kind of support and acceptance that I have, but if not, just enjoy it anyway.

Life is to short to live it for others.