Thursday, June 21, 2012

Are you Gay or Feminine if you paint your toes as a man?

I always find this to be an interesting question or opinion by some.  There are those narrow minded people who will stereotype a man as gay if he does anything 'different'.  Remember when all men who wore ear rings were gay?  Now we think nothing of it.  It's really SO SILLY to label people based on things like how they choose to decorate themselves and painting our toes is just another form of decoration or a way of expressing our style.  Or maybe it's simply something we like.

my male painted toes with a toe ring, red polish and jeans, men
Red painted toes, a toe ring and jeans. A normal male look
Oh my god, could it be that simple?  Yes it can be.  Painting your nails does not make you anything, not gay, not weird, not perverted and not a rock star, sorry if I burst your bubble on that one, lol.  Painting your nails is no different than choosing a colored shirt, it's just color on your toes.  Now granted, if you paint your toes and wear high heels, a skirt, makeup etc, then at some point you can start looking feminine to others.  And if that's what you want, go for it, it's your life.  But my point is that too many guys worry that they will look like a pansy or be perceived as feminine for painting their toes, or fingers.  But if you just paint your nails and don't take it further, you won't look feminine.  I know a number of guys out there in cyberland who paint their toes, or finger, or both, and many are very manly otherwise.  Like Jim who is somewhere around 6'6" tall and played college football for years (hope I have your facts right Jim) and he paints his nails all the time but otherwise looks and acts like a normal guy.

So painting your nails has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation.  You can be straight, gay or bi and paint your nails, but painting them doesn't change who you are.  And if others think it does, so what.  Yeah, I'm sure many guys have walked past me in the past 4 years or so of going out in public with my painted toes showing and thought that I must be gay, or a pansy.  But I really don't care, it's my life and I'm going to live it the way I like.  Now on that note, for those of you new to my story, I've been going out with my painted toes showing for around 4 yrs or more and have NEVER had one really negative remark about my toes, from men or women, so it's much more in your head than in reality.

So many people are afraid of anyone that acts 'different' than the typical male so they are quick to judge.  But do you really want to be friends with people like this anyway?  Probably not.  Hopefully you are more open minded than those people and are learning to judge others based on their personality and not on how they dress or decorate themselves, or even if they are gay or bi.

On that note, it's time for me to go repaint my toes in a really cool light metallic blue.  And I'm straight, I do construction work and I have no fears of losing my masculinity, but I'm not afraid to have color on my toes.

Feel free to post your experiences on this subject as well.  And guys, just do it, it's fun.