Monday, July 30, 2012

Submit your photos & I'll post them

Had someone wonder how to submit their own photos of their painted nails so thought I'd take a few photos, for awhile.  There are other places that take as many pics as you want to post, but I'm only looking to post a few dozen or so.

So, IF you have high quality, clear photos of your painted toes or fingers and are willing to include your name with the photo and a FACE photo, I'll post them.  But you must have a quality mani or pedi and the photo must be of your male nails.  I can accept just first names if you must, be really prefer you be brave enough to give you full name as I've done.

If you just want to post pics of your painted toes alone, try my flickr group at:

So you can just email them to me using the email address in the upper right corner of this blog and IF they fit my requirements, I'll post them.  I think it would be good to have a few dozen photos of other guys showing their full body, or face pics along with the closeups of their painted nails, so send em to me.

Author, a male, with painted toes
click for larger view
So, just to show that I'm not afraid either, here's one of me, Guy Purcella, full body, and another closer shot of my painted toes, now where's yours?

click for larger view