Thursday, August 9, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Men SHOULD wear nail polish

My TOP TEN Reasons Why Men
SHOULD Wear Nail Polish
Sometimes we hear comments from others regarding men and nail polish along the lines of 'It's just not right, men shouldn't wear nail polish' or some other narrow minded train of thought like that.  So I thought I'd post my TOP TEN Reasons why Men SHOULD wear nail polish.  So here it is.
  1. Makes our hands or feet look Much better, when done properly
  2. Makes us pay more attention to the condition of your nails, cuticles cracked skin, etc, so our hands and feet and up in much better condition.
  3. Looks better when wearing sandals than the normal grunge foot look
  4. It's a fun conversation starter.  I've had a lot of women and a few men want to talk about my painted toes, and 99% of them think it's very cool.
  5. It's fun to do.  Most guys are amazed at how much they like the look of their toes once they are painted.  And we get to take it off and change colors on a whim depending on our mood, etc.
  6. Professional pedicures feel Wonderful.  They usually give you a foot and leg massage and I often have a hard time not drifting off because I get so relaxed.
  7. Your feet, or hands, will feel much better after a pro pedicure, or a well done home one.  You'll get rid of the ingrown toe nails, cracked heels, calouses etc and your feet will thank you.
  8. Women love it.  That's right guys, the majority of women think it's very cool that men wear nail polish.  I was bidding a construction job just 2 days ago and the woman commented on how she really liked the look of my painted toes as I was leaving.  And she was somewhere around 60 years old, so it's not just younger women who like it.
  9. It shows your confidence.  Let's face it, as things stand right now, you have to be fairly confident to wear nail polish in public, so having painted nails shows others your confidence.
  10. Nail polish protects your nails from damage, breaking, hang nails, etc.
Drum Roll............ There you have it, my TOP TEN Reasons why men SHOULD wear nail polish.

My mens red toes with nail polish
My male toes painted red

So if you haven't tried it yet, here's 10 good reasons to go for it today.  Go out, pick out 2-3 colors from your local store and try it.  Or go online and order some colors if you're really shy.  Click HERE for a good online site you can order polish from.  Or try one of my other links below-

Click to Save on Matte Dull Finish Polish

Click Here For Nail tools

Born Pretty Nail Art

Do a good job, and don't allow yourself to do the Lipstick on a Pig look, and you just might love it as much as I do, and thousands of other men out there.


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