Thursday, September 27, 2012

BB Coutures Tuxedo Night for men

I recently tried out some of the BB Couture polishes made for men from  Normally I don't worry too much about whether or not a polish is labeled as for men or not, but I really do like the concept as so many men are afraid to wear 'womens' nail polish.  So I applaud the folks at BB Couture for recognizing the demand for a mens line of nail polish and really wanted to give their colors a try.  So guys, you can boldly wear this color and if anyone asks you can tell them it's actually a line of polish made just for men.  I really hope that knowing there is several lines of nail polish out there that are targeting men will help to encourage more men to try nail polish.  Like I've said before, it's just color and it cleans off.  And it DOESN'T MAKE YOU FEMININE guys.  Trust me, you'll get more positive comments from the women than negative.  Women usually love guys with nail polish on.

So the BB Couture polish I have is the collection titled 'Men's Formal' which consists of 6 colors.  The color that caught my eye the most was the Tuxedo Night color for men which is the beautiful deep brownish red metallic.  Since I'm a guy who mostly paints my toes, I decided to get a pro pedicure for this one and see how it came out.

And my first impression was ..... Beautiful!  I love this color as it has a very deep metallic to it and has almost a glow to it. I love deep reds anyway and this one is really pretty.  I went on fairly evenly although if I looked close there was a little blotchiness, but who looks that closely.  From my standing viewpoint I thought it looked great.  Indoors, at night, like a lot of darker colors it looks very dark, but still has a redish look overall.  And I noticed that on the BB Couture website the color photographed darker than mine, so consider it to be somewhere between my photo and theirs, depending on the lighting.  And can guys wear reds?  ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY!  Red is just a color, and this one is a nice dark shade that is a little more masculine than a bright red if you're worried about that.  But guys can look good in bright red too.  It's all in how you present yourself and how good a job you get, so tip #1, get a pro pedi guys, it will look SO much better.

BB Couture Nail Polish for Men in Tuxedo Night
I also took along another color from that collection called "Dress Rehearsal" and had the nail tech put this on my fingers.  Now, I don't normally paint my fingers, mostly because I do construction and nail polish lasts about 1-2 days tops, but wanted to try it out so I went for it.  I have to say I think that this is also a very nice color for men.  I think there's nothing feminine about it so for you guys who are concerned about that, this might be the color for you. Now, as usual, it lasted about 2 days, then I had it so beat up I had to remove it, but I really liked it while it lasted.

So guys, head on over to the BB Couture Website and check out all the mens colors they have.  They have some very cool collection names like 'Eye Candy', Mechanics 101' or 'The Regular guy look' and that's just a few.  Then order a few and give it a try, you'll LOVE IT.

Happy painting, and until next time, be proud and live your life the way you want to, not the way the world says you have too.

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