Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Other interesting articles about Men Painting their nails

Thought I'd take a moment to share some other articles I've found about men wearing nail polish.  So here they are.

From the Blog, One Gents Ten, here's a little article:

Wes says:
For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by painted fingernails and toenails, and for just as long I have been attracted to women that wear nail polish.
However, I was brought up to believe that boys don’t wear nail polish and that it is only for girls.  So I spent the first 31 years of my existence afraid to wear nail polish on my own hands.
Well no longer!
I started searching online for articles, blogs, or anything about men wearing nail polish.  I was curious if I was the only man on earth that liked nail polish.  Boy was I wrong!
I read post after post about guys that wore nail polish and how women were very supportive of it.  The women all wanted their men to take care of their hands and feet and what better way to do it than getting a manicure and a pedicure.
After finding this encouraging information, I decided to begin down that path of wearing nail polish on my own hands.
I decided to take it slow at first.  My first step was to stop biting my nails.  I went to the store and purchase Hoof Hands Stop the Bite.  This is a clear polish that is applied to the fingers and tastes horrible when bitten.  This was a great first step, because it would allow my nails to grow naturally, which was essential before I could start painting them.
Next, I went for my first pedicure.   This was a GREAT experience.  The nail salon I found catered to men, which was a huge relief and surprise to me.  I actually found that all nail salons tend to be very accepting, so guys don’t need to be scared to visit a nail salon.
During my first salon pedicure, I had my toes painted for the first time with a nice silver metallic color that matched my truck.  I went out in public wearing this polish on my feet, and no one really noticed.
I had been afraid to paint my nails for so long because I was afraid of what people would say – and it turned out that I had little or nothing to fear after all!
Shortly after getting my pedicure, I found Scott’s blog.  This blog was the push I needed.  Scott showed that it doesn’t really matter if you’re a male; nail polish is for men and women.
Since finding One Gent’s Ten, I have acquired my first manicure and painted my nails.
I’ve gone out in public many times with my nails painted, and it turns out it really is OK for a man to wear nail polish.  More men need to do so!
Since introducing my new habit to people I know, I have gotten a few ignorant comments:  “Nail polish isn’t for boys,” “Guys aren’t supposed to wear nail polish,” and the obligatory “Are you gay?”
My response to these comments is usually something to the effect of – Nail polish is just that – polish, paint, nothing more.  It enhances the look of your hands and feet, and that’s all!
I have also enjoyed many, many good comments:  “I love your nails, what color is that?” or “OOO, You toes are pretty, are they purple?” and “I think it’s great that you are willing to push society’s standards.”
That last comment is a perfect tie-in, because that is exactly my goal – to push society so that they realize that men can wear nail polish if they wish.

Continue reading this & other posts on his website at One Gents Ten

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Here's a story from the website Divine Caroline about a woman who painted her husbands toes for the first time.
Here's the first part of the story-

I was reading another post related to nail polish and men, and it reminded me of an amusing story I have to tell.
One sultry evening last summer, I was relaxing on the couch in the living room in front of the TV painting my nails. I was anxious to try a new polish that I had bought that day, a deep burgundy with subtle sparkles in it. As I painted, it ended up looking even better than it did in the bottle.
My husband came in and sat down in a chair next to me to watch a TV series that he liked. After a few minutes, I noticed that he was taking an interest as I was painting my toenails and when I looked at him, he smiled and said that he really liked the new color that I was wearing. I agreed and thanked him for the compliment, and thought “that was nice to hear.” His gaze would occasionally drift toward me as I continued painting my toes. And then, for whatever reason, I paused and spontaneously asked him if he would like me to paint his. He laughed and said dismissingly “sure, why not?” We both had a good chuckle about the idea, and then we just resumed watching the TV while my nails dried.
Over the course of the next few days though, I had this odd desire appear in my head wondering what the reaction would be if I really did paint my husband’s toenails. I have no idea why I would think of this, but the idea kept randomly popping into my head. Finally, I decided to find out by trying it.
You can read the rest of the story at: Divine Caroline
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Here's a great article by a woman who is a strong supporter of men wearing nail polish.  Thanks Kim Snyder -
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And one more article for you to check out
I think you can find many more stories, support groups, etc out there, all touting the latest trend of men wearing nail polish.  So read the stories for encouragement, then try it.  Build up to going out in public if you need, but be brave and realize 99% of your fears, are in your head only.  Once you try it and find out no one really notices, and it's ok, you'll be hooked at how nice your feet look with painted toes in public.

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