Sunday, November 22, 2015

Exciting News! We will be producing videos soon

Hey everyone we have some exciting news! 

We have just launched a video production company to produce mostly how-to videos, but also informational and fun videos. Part of our plans are to produce videos showing that it's okay for guys to paint their nails and show them in public. We shot some using or phone a few years ago (like THIS example of Carla Painting my toes on our back porch) and this video has had well over 36,000 views to date.  We've always wanted to do some much better videos, which we now can.

We already have a studio set up as shown above and have 3 Nikon cameras, Wireless microphone, Studio

lighting, etc.  We want to produce only high quality videos instead of the ones you often see with lousy lighting, poor sound, etc. (like the one we did on our phone, which was not so great)

 We hope to shoot videos showing guys getting pedicures,  videos of guys showing off their manicures and pedicures, interviews with guys who do this, videos simply showing guys with nice feet and hands, and much more.

Here's an example of a higher quality video, simply showing me posing and showing off my fresh pedicure.

Also,  if you have any ideas for some good videos related to this blog, let me know in the comments.

Thanks everyone, and we look forward to your support.

Guy Purcella