Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mens Fashion Freedom

Hey everyone, I wanted to share a FB group I started with all of you open minded people on here.  It's called Mens Fashion Freedom and can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mensfashionfreedom/ 

As many of you know, I not only paint my toes but am also very freethinking about many things, and one of those is the silliness of putting gender labels on clothing.  

Why do we need them?  Ok, for a few items like bras or jock straps they can be gender specific do to fitting our different anatomies.  But for things like shirts, socks, underwear, pants, shoes, etc, there really is no need for it.  Women already wear most everything men do, so they certainly don't pay attention to gender labels.  Heck, women can wear mens underwear, shirts, shoes, suits and ties, or just about anything, and we think nothing of it.  But if a man wears an article of clothing, even as simple as a pair of socks they bought in the women's dept, people start freaking out.

But to me, clothes are clothes and we should just all go into the same section and buy what appeals to us, without a gender label.  Sizes could be standardized to be simply xs, small, etc, and it would be much simpler, and would break down a lot of the stereotyping that goes on in society.  And womens sizes make absolutely no sense.  My wife has tried to explain it to me and sometimes a woman will wear a size 16, another time a size 22, etc.  So it would greatly simplify womens sizing, lol.

Guy Purcella in a grey wool skirt with painted toesAnd who are we to judge others choice of clothing or shoes they wear?  I mean, what does it hurt if a guy wears a skirt for example, even if with pretty flowers on them, or a swishy pleated style?  I do, and they feel much more comfortable than pants and shorts.  Mostly I wear kilts, which are basically
a skirt made for men, which is a silly game of semantics to me.  But occasionally I wear a skirt in public, although they are mostly simple styles like the grey wool skirt shown in this picture.  Here I'm also wearing a shirt we bought in the women's dept, but it is very similar to some of the mens shirts I have, so I say, "So What if it came from the women's dept?"  I'm not doing it to try and look like a woman, but if someone does, again, so what?  We are so judgmental and we really shouldn't be.

And I also like cool and pretty shoes.  I sometimes wear some in public, although I mostly go barefoot these days, but most often, if I'm wearing shoes it's some of my nicer mens sandals like my Birkenstocks, or Chaco sandals.

But those are mostly boring browns, blues or blacks, and sometimes I feel like color, so I also have some colorful versions like the ones shown here. 

Why not?  I like they way they look and they make me happy, so I wear them.  I know some will judge me because of something as simple as this,
but really, I don't care.  To me, that is your narrow minded problem, and not mind.  I believe in accepting my fellow man and choosing my friends based on their personality and what's in their heart, not the clothes they do, or don't wear.

I have even combined the look below, which is a very masculine pair of camo pants with these 'womens' shoes, and I think they look great, and they are very comfortable.  But to many, I'm weird.  Oh well, I failed to please everyone in the world, I guess I should consider myself a failure, lol.  I think life is to short to worry about what the world thinks about our style, and we should just try to do what makes us happy instead.  I am, and I'm liking myself more and more everyday.

Let me know your thoughts, and be sure to join our FB group if you feel the same way I do.  This group is open to men or supportive women.  The group address again is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mensfashionfreedom/