Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introduction to my Blog

Going to town with my painted toes showing
Me leaving for town with painted toes
Welcome to my blog for men who paint their nails, or would like to, and those who support them.  I decided to create this blog because I have been painting my toes for many years, and in that time I have worked to support men's freedom of choice when it comes to whether or not they paint their toes or fingers.

Society has led us to believe that for some strange reason, it is not okay for men to paint their nails. This is all silly thinking as painting our nails does not make us feminine, nor does it change us in any way, it is simply an expression of our sense of style. but for most of us the thought of painting our toes or fingers can be quite terrifying. We believe that if we do so and go out into the normal public, everyone will stare at us, ridiculous, and we may even lose our jobs, friends etc. But friends let me tell you that this is 99% just in your head.

I have participated in many discussions on various forums, websites etc. and the men who have been painting their nails in going out in public four years all express the same basic description of their experience. And that description is that, "it's no big deal". The first few times I went out in public with my painted toes showing, I just knew that everyone was going to be staring at me, making snide remarks etc. And because of this I walked around looking for people to be doing just that. But guess what, NO one noticed. Well I should say that almost no one noticed. I finally realize that by walking around looking for people to be staring at me, I was looking guilty and drawing attention to myself. So a number of people were looking at me, but pretty much no one noticed my painted toes.

My painted toes up close
Closeup of my toes painted a dark brown
I was still very fearful of being "caught", and was especially afraid that my father, who was very conservative, would find out. So for several years I seldom went out in public with my toes showing, but often painted them at home, and went to work wearing socks and shoes with painted toes underneath. My close friends knew that I painted my toes and had no problem with it. Actually they seem to think it was fairly cool that I was brave enough to do this, and besides my feet just looked better because in order to do a good quality pedicure, I ended up with much nicer looking feet than the typical guy who mostly ignores the condition of his feet.

Then about three years ago, in 2009, I met a wonderful woman who would soon become my wife. And my wife loved the fact that I painted my toes, and was freethinking enough to not let society dictate my sense of fashion, and to just do what I wanted. She began encouraging me to go out in public with my toes showing anywhere, which I did. Now mind you my father had passed away about one year earlier, and at that time I began realizing that life is way too short to worry about what the world thinks about your sense of style or how you choose to live your life. So I began going out in public more and more with painted toes and sandals or flip-flops. And I discovered that if I didn't walk around looking guilty and just acted like everything I was doing was normal, which it was, pretty much NO ONE noticed my painted toes, and the few that did were mostly women and they tended to have mostly positive comments. The few negative comments I received were very minor such as they couldn't understand why I did it. But most women thought it was very cool and many wished that their boyfriend would do the same.

My Red painted toes
Since that time I spend 90% of my summer in sandals and flip-flops,and 99% of the time my toes are painted. And paint them in many colors from pinks to Reds, purples, Brown's, dark colors, and blues and greens. And in that time I have begun to be somewhat of an activist for men's freedom of fashion, especially the rate for men to be able to paint their fingernails or toenails as they choose. So I have decided to create this blog to further promote those freedom rights and hope that you will gain some insight as to why it's okay for men to have painted nails.

I'll be discussing the fun of painting our nails, why it's ok, some stories about painting our toes, and other things like wearing toe rings, anklets, or colorful shoes if you like, such as the orange ones in the pic above.  This blog isn't about crossdressing or being fem, it's for ordinary guys who just happen to like painting our nails although we may discuss other emerging fashion trends for men.

I hope you'll subscribe to my blog, and enjoy the information that I will be posting over the next few years. Also if you have a Flickr account please join our Flickr group titled "It's okay for men to have painted nails in public"

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