Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another positive comment today

Just thought I'd share this short story about another situation today where I was out and about, working, and wearing sandals with my toes painted a nice blue when a woman noticed them.

My blue toes
It was pretty cool but it went something like this.  I do construction work and am self employed so we run ads on craigslist for all kinds of things including handyman work.  Well we got a call today to repair a broken door knob so I met the lady who is the property manager and proceeded to fix it while she waited in the apartment.  As we were wrapping up she asked me if I got pedicures or if I did my own toes.  I told her my wife & I get pedis when we can afford it but right now we do our own.  She thought it was cool especially since she's also a nail tech at JC Penneys.  I point out this story to show that 99% of the time women think it's very cool that guys wear nail polish and it makes you feel good when someone notices.

And just 2 days ago, a similar story.  I showed up to bid a job but due to a mix up, the male I was supposed to meet wasn't home, but his mother was.  Her little white dog ran out to greet me and she looked down at him and spotted my painted toes and asked where I got the blue from.  She commented that she just had to mention them but thought it was no big deal and thought it was cool.

Guys, I could tell you dozens of stories like this as women often comment on my painted toes, and 99% think it's very cool and often wish their boyfriend or husband would try it.

So if you're still worried about going out in public, just try it.  But there are some pointers in pulling it off successfully.  Mainly, act normal, like you would without painted toes.  Act confident and most will think it's cool, and those that don't probably wont say a thing.  I've never had a really negative comment of any kind in about 3 years now.

Get out there, be yourself and live life the way you want to!  You'll be addicted to it once you do, trust me.

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