Saturday, February 23, 2013

What about Other fashion Freedom for Men like Kilts, etc?

I've found that men who paint their nails often have admitted to themselves that they have a feminine side, of varying degrees.  And I've come to believe that ALL men have a feminine side, it's just different for different men, and most will NEVER admit it for fear of losing their masculinity.  And to me, admitting I have a feminine side just means things like I'm not afraid to have emotions, or to show them (although I try to maintain my composure, I'm just not afraid to admit I've cried at some movies, etc).  Or to admit I like 'pretty' things or colors like pinks, soft blues, frilly skirts, pretty shoes, etc.  Does this mean I'm a girl, or girly?  I don't think so, and my wife totally doesn't think so.  She thinks I'm more of a man for admitting it and embracing that side of who I am.  When I do things like painting my toes, I do it because I love the way they look painted, not because it makes me feel like a woman.  I've even fully crossdressed several times for halloween and I have Never felt like a woman, but felt like a guy, dressed cute and sexy like a woman, having fun playing make believe.

It seems that kilts & skirts are making a comeback for men, and not just Scottish men.  Seriously, if you do some reading and research on the internet there are more and more stories coming out about men who choose to wear a kilt, or skirt instead of restrictive jeans or shorts.  So I wanted to share my take on this trend.

My take is, I LIKE IT!  I consider myself a freethinker & I've been wearing skirts around the house for years now, not to look feminine, but mostly because they are much more comfortable than pants.  Now mind you I don't mind a skirt that is pretty and maybe a little bit feminine, because like all men, I do have a bit of a feminine side and I like that part of me.  So I can admit to myself that I like some pretty things when it comes to clothing.  But overall my style tends to run on the side of masculine, with a touch of softer, prettier feminine stuff.

Pic #1, Guy in a Kilt and normal male clothing
And if you go back in history, men used to wear skirts and kilts all the time, it's just that our society has changed, like we are always doing and always will do, and skirts fell out of fashion for men, and women took them on.  Well now, more and more men are discovering the comfort and freedom of wearing a skirt, or kilt.  Heck, lets just call it a skirt, after all, they are very similar and it really doesn't matter what you call it, it's just clothing. I mean do we call men's flip flops manflops and womens femflops or something?  No, they're both the same thing, flip flop sandals.  Labeling something as men's or women's is just for sizing, and sometimes fit. For example, men don't have a need for bras, (well some do, but that's rare) so we don't need men's bras.  And women's underwear fit a little different, so we have labels there.  But women still wear men's boxers so it's no big deal if a man wears women's underwear.  Do I wear panties, well if I were to wear anything, I might, but I like the freedom of nothing.  But mostly labeling an item as womens or mens is just marketing meaning there are more women who buy skirts for example, than me, so they are sold in the womens section.  If more men got into wearing them, we would have mens skirts.  So don't let labels dictate what you wear, and instead wear what you feel like.  Sure, some narrow minded people will call you a sissy (probably behind your back as it's never happened to me) but do you really care?  I couldn't give a flying rats #ss what those narrow minded people think actually.  Life is to short to worry about it.

Now for me, I am not as comfortable pushing things too far to where I feel like I'm looking too feminine, as that's not my style.  Now, if it's yours, go for it, as we should all wear what makes us feel good.  But even if you do wear more feminine styles, it's important to balance your look and coordinate your styles.  Nothing looks worse than a guy who wears womens clothes which are way out of date, cheesy looking, or mismatched.  It just looks like you found some womens clothes in the trash and took them home to wear.  It can be done tastefully and will draw less atttention to you.

Photo 2, Guy in a kilt & womens shoes
But for me, I like a balance between my normal male look and a touch of feminine.  For example, picture #1, above right is one of me in my latest kilt, but still wearing all masculine clothing other than the kilt.  And actually, this was a skirt we bought for $12.00 at a second hand store and my wife shortened it for me to fit more like a kilt.  It just happens to have the right tartan pattern to look like a kilt.  Which further exemplifies my other point which is, a kilt is just another form of a skirt, or vice versa, depending on how you want to look at it.  So in our US society it has a bit of a feminine side to it, without appearing feminine overall, although I'm sure there will be guys who disagree.

And without getting to in depth here, in other societies a kilt is a masculine item of clothing, even though a kilt and skirt are very similar.  So it's more about societies perception than about facts.  I also like some skirts which are a little more feminine, or some shoes which I bought in the womens dept because I liked the look of them.  I mean, lets face it, mens shoes styles are Very limited and can be a bit boring, although I love my mens shoes too.  Photo 2 is an example of me in a skirt with womens shoes on, but still wearing a male shirt, baseball hat & doing construction.  I love this look and think it pushes the boundaries of being feminine, without crossing over.  Heck, I think I even had pantyhose on that day because it was like 10 degrees outside.  This is about as far as I wish to push it, so I make sure not to do to much at one time like if I wore a frilly shirt above, or makeup, etc, I feel I would cross over into the full crossdressing realm that I only do at Halloween.

But WHY Wear Kilts in the 1st place?  Actually, there are a lot of reasons.  If you think about it, kilts or skirts make more sense for mens fashion than womens.  Here's a few of those reasons-
  • We men have all our dangly bits which are all bound up and uncomfortable in pants.  In a skirt, commando style, it is MUCH more freeing.  
  • Underwear and jeans cause us to sweat a lot, which of course causes odors, and makes us retain more body heat on warm days.  So it's cooler, and healthier too. If you have any fertility problems, it's often associated with to much heat down there, so a skirt will help with that.
  • There's far less restriction with a skirt than pants or shorts.  BUT, you need to wear one that ends at your knees for this to work well.  I do wear longer skirts when I want warmth as they are actually amazingly warm when they reach lower on your legs since they sort of trap body heat underneath.  And if you put nylons on, they are even warmer. (Did you know they have several brands of pantyhose made Just For Men?  I'll discuss that another time though)
  • The feel of a skirt is nice.  It's almost like you're wearing nothing at all and that feels amazing.
There are some downsides, like most skirts don't have pockets, although some brands like the Ultimate Kilt at do.  They don't provide as much protection, if you need it, but then neither do shorts, so that's not much of an issue.

I can also dress up fully at Halloween and have a lot of fun with it.  My wife and I love to do this and have even won contest doing so.  But it's not something I want to do outside of Halloween.  I mean, it's a big pain to get that dressed up and I don't feel comfortable at all, but it's loads of fun on Halloween as people love my costumes.  Here's an example of one of those costumes on the right.

Since I also have a thing for shoes, with over 100 pairs myself, about 20 pairs of which I bought in the womens dept.  But I think a lot of them aren't all that feminine, but instead are just nice looking. All 3 of these are from the womens dept, but I think they look fine on men as well as women.

So back to the Kilts, I've just started wearing them out in public a little around my home area here in Western Colorado.  But since it's still winter, (February), I haven't had a lot of opportunities to try it yet.  I did go out one day with  my wife running errands and we had lunch at Village Inn Restaurant and went into our local bank (Which is a large bank with a lot of people inside) with my kilt on as shown in the photo above with the Nascar jacket on.  And I really didn't catch anyone looking at me strangely, although it's possible someone did.  But really, why should I care?  And I've worn my kilt outside working on our cars in the driveway, with the neighbors driving by and I felt very comfortable.  So I'm looking forward to warmer weather when I can wear my kilts much more.  I may even wear some of the skirts in public which are obviously skirts but not overly feminine with flowers & such.

So I hope I've given everyone something to think about here.  I hope you realize that the restrictions we feel are placed upon our style, are not written in stone.  And you can be more freethinking than you may have imagined.  Decide what you like, and give it a try, what have you got to lose besides your discomfort or unhappiness with your current style.


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