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Can Men wear nail polish on their toes or fingers and still be Masculine?

BarefootTess.com - Large Size Women's ShoesIf you're into nail polish, and you're a guy, you've probably heard comments, or just imagined you'd hear comments like 'He's such a sissy' or 'That guy must want to be a girl'.  So I want to explore this thought process.

Does wearing nail polish as a man make you more feminine, or does it make you a sissy?  I used to worry that others would think that about me too.  I was trained by society to think that any guy who deviated from the 'accepted' mens style and did something like wearing pink, or cute shoes, or nail polish, or a skirt was a sissy.  So the first few times I went out with painted toes I was basically in a panic.  I tried real hard to not let anyone see my painted toes and would go out of my way to avoid being seen.  But of course this just made me look guilty and probably drew more attention to me.  And I've covered that subject before so won't go into it to much except to say that no one really noticed, and no one said anything.

So I started wearing nail polish more and more until I met my current wife who convinced me to keep my toes painted all the time, and not worry about who sees it.  Well, now that I do that I've also analyzed the issue of whether or not I'm more feminine than guys who don't do it.  And the truth is, it takes more bravery (didn't want to say balls and offend anyone, ohh, damn, said it anyway), to go out in public defying society standards of style than it does to be a sheeple and just conform.  (sheeple is my term for people who act like sheep and follow the masses).  So in reality guys who wear polish openly, or pink, or any other non standard fashion items, are actually braver and more confident than those who don't.  And isn't that basically what being masculine is about?  There's more to it than that, but the main point is, masculinity is NOT defined by how we decorate ourselves. 

I have also realized that I'm expressing my feminine side, which I believe ALL guys have, but just won't admit it for fear of being seen as a sissy.  We're all born with both male and female genes, it's just that men have predominately male genes and women have predominantly female genes.  So it's ok to admit that you have a softer side, or you like pretty things, or that you cry during emotional movies or family situations.  It DOES NOT make us less masculine, but instead makes us more of a man, in my opinion.  And it's not just my opinion, I've read this from many Women on forums, etc.  Now we still need to be masculine and be strong, taking care of our family, protecting family, and doing the hard things men are built to do, but we can still have a softer side as well.

It's all about balance.  If you allow yourself to express that softer side of yourself, in moderation, you
Me wearing 'womens' sandals with painted toes

will be a happier person, believe me.  It is very stressful to repress our feminine side all the time.  Let it out, just in moderation.  So say you like painting your nails.  You could paint fingers and toes, and maybe even wear some sandals that are prettier than normal male bland sandals, but if you wear male
style clothes, hairstyle, etc, you can still look plenty masculine.  Balance your style and you can still be masculine with red painted toes.  But if you take it to far, you will appear feminine to others.  And if that's your intention, go for it, but for most of us we want to still be a guy, just a guy who paints his nails.  And I've found that each guy has his own definition of what is to much, so find your own balance, and if you still feel masculine, then have fun with it.

I actually believe that some of the guys who appear super masculine because they are body builders, or they hunt all the time, walk around in camo all the time, drive big honkin trucks, etc, are actually more feminine than the average guy.  But they are so afraid of that side of themselves that they compensate by appearing even more masculine with their actions.  I'm not saying that all guys who do these things are more feminine, but I believe a lot are.  And I like plenty of normal guy things like fast cars, etc, so I'm not knocking these things or suggesting guys need to take up needlepoint or something.  I'm just saying we can find balance in our lives but allowing ourselves to express our softer side while still wearing camo, or hunting, or working on cars as my friend Guy Polish Jim recently showed in his blog post at http://polished-men.blogspot.com/2013/03/polish-demolish.html.

Jim is a good example of what I'm talking about.  He's a big guy who played offensive guard in college, but he still likes keeping all his nails painted, with his finger nails being longer than average even.  And he's not afraid of buying sandals from the womens section if they appeal to him.  Now he maintains a very masculine appearance otherwise, so he's a good example of how you can keep a balance masculine look with painted nails.

I'm a bigger guy myself at 6' 2", 210 lbs, and I do construction work.  And I wear sandals when I'm working, with my painted toes showing and have Never received a negative comment.  But I usually look very masculine in my work clothes as shown on the right, so no one questions my masculinity. 

So guys, if you know you're masculine, then go ahead and paint your nails, or buy those pretty shoes you like, etc.  Just keep it in balance and don't worry about the small percentage of people who might think you are a sissy, or whatever.  I can tell you that most women appreciate a man that is confident enough to do his own thing so you may just impress more women with painted nails than without.

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