Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What about Toe Rings or Anklets with mens painted toes?

First off, I want to appologize for the long delay since my last post, but things have been very hectic this summer.  Work picked up and had me scrambling to keep up, (I'm self employed in construction) and then we had to move out of our rental house because the lease was ending and they decided to put it on the market.  But we're slowly getting back to normal again so here's my newest post.

Man with pink painted toes and a toe ring
Pink toes with a subtle toe ring on a man, me of course
OK GUYS, some of you out there are like me, and you like the color on your toes because it's fun, and there's something about looking at your toes and seeing this pretty color on them, am I right?  But for some of us, we also are fascinated by other foot accessories like toe rings, or anklets.  But is this going to far?  Are we pushing the feminine boundary to much?

I guess it depends on your point of view.  If you're trying to maintain a normal male look, without looking to feminine, then wearing all the above at the same time 'might' be pushing it a little.  I think it's not that bad so I sometimes do it myself, but mostly I only do 1-2 of those things like I'll have my painted toes and an anklet, but not toe rings, or painted toes and a toe ring, but no anklet.  Heck I even have some shoes that I bought purposely from the womens dept that I thought were pretty, but not overly feminine so that I could have a pair of shoes I could wear in public without drawing attention to the fact that they are womens. But I would never be comfortable
Man with red painted toes and anklet
One of my anklets, worn with bright red polish
wearing the shoes with all the other items listed as it pushes my comfort level to far. 

But really, it's up to you.  Personally I see nothing wrong with it, but in my experience, the more you decorate your feet, or the louder the polish color, the more likely you'll be noticed.  And the more you decorate your feet and toes, the more feminine it starts looking.  But if you like it, and it doesn't bother you knowing others might be staring, then go for it.  Or you may be in an area that's a little more freethinking and liberal and maybe no one pays any attention.

Bottom line is, do what makes you happy without making you feel uncomfortable.  Often the best way to gauge where that line is for you is to add one thing at a time, go out in public a few times, and see how it goes.  Then keep adding items until you feel you've reached your comfort level for going out in public and don't cross that line, if you don't want to feel that discomfort.  But there is Nothing wrong with guys doing these things, so have fun with it if you like it.

Who else wears toe rings or anklets?  As always, feel free to share your story if you have one related to this post.