Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finally tried a cool Light Blue on my toes

Ok, I so often post about the experiences of painting your nails as a man and things like what to expect, how to enjoy it and so on, but today, I'm just going to post about my latest nail polish.

Today I tried out a new color called 'Girls Night Out' by Jesses Girl which is a light to medium blue.  I've always gone with darker blues in the past, which I love, but decided to give this one a try.  And I love it.  But then I love SO many colors, but now this will rank among some of my favorites.  I tend to gravitate to reds, blues, darker pinks, metallic browns and sometimes dark metallic green. Colors I shy away from are ones like pastels, yellows, white, etc.

My male painted toes in medium blue called Girls Night Out by Jesses Girl
Girls Night Out by Jesses Girl

So far I've only had it on my toes for a couple of days so no long term reports on wear, but it went on fairly decent.  The first coat was pretty transparent requiring a mandatory 2nd coat.  But after 2 coats I'm happy with the coverage.

And here's another shot of this color, but with some sandals I bought at Payless shoes not to long ago.  I bought these in the womens department because I like them and felt they weren't too
feminine.  I don't worry about whether the label says they are for men or women, I worry about Do I Like Them.  If I do, and I think I could wear them in public, or in just in private, I may buy them.  I had decided that most all my mens shoes were boring and wanted one pair of pretty sandals I could wear in public without drawing to much attention and decided these fit the bill.

Anyway, hope you like the color, and let me know your thoughts on the shoes.

Till next time, keep your toes and/or fingers painted they way that makes you happy, and forget about what the rest of the world thinks because life is to short.