Saturday, December 7, 2013

Do you keep your toes painted in the winter?

Today is December 7th, 2013 and here in Colorado we have had a foot of snow on the ground for a week or so now.  On top of that we're seeing below zero temps already so it's COLD, and it's actually way below normal for us, and the snow is even a little early.  I'm sure a lot of you are seeing similar conditions with the crazy weather we're having all over the US.

But I decided to go out in the snow barefoot this morning, despite the cold, and it wasn't bad, lol.  I was only out there a few minutes, and I should mention I'm a nearly full time barefooter now, so my feet are tougher than most, although that doesn't do much against cold.  But I also have Peripheral Neuropathy in my feet which is a nerve condition that makes my feet run really hot at times, and they sting and burn, so I actually go walk in the snow on purpose, to cool them off.

And since I was out there, with a new color of polish, I decided to take a picture.  This color is called
guy barefoot in the snow with painted toes
Barefoot in the snow with painted toes
Glossy by Sally Hansen and is a VERY dark metallic red.  But it's really hard to capture the true color, especially with my cell phone so the pic doesn't show it well.  This color is one of those that's so dark it is very difficult to see the color except in the bright sunlight.  So I've decided that it's ok, but not one of my favorites since I like seeing the true color more often.

But on to the title of this post.  If you're a guy who paints his toes and lives in a cold climate like I do, there's often many months each year where you may have to wear shoes, and so you seldom even see the color yourself.  And it's often to cold indoors to go barefoot so maybe you decide to just not paint them.  I imagine a lot of guys go this route, and women too, but me personally, I paint them anyway.  Partly because with my condition I HATE closed toed shoes because they are too warm and my feet burn up in them.  So I wear sandals about 80% of the time in the winter and go barefoot indoors.  Sometimes my feet do get cold indoors, but not real often, and outdoors I really only wear shoes when the snow is too deep to wear sandals.

People look at me strange, but oh well.  I've gotten over caring what the public thinks a long time ago anyway.  But it is nice when I hear a nice compliment, but otherwise I ignore the strange looks, even though I rarely get them.

Speaking of that, I received a very nice compliment from a Man yesterday, something that rarely happens to me.  I do construction and bid a small job for a customer and later sent him an email with the bid amount.  He wrote back to say he decided to go another route, but he thought my toes were 'cute'.  He went on to say he liked them and thought I should keep rocking the fashion.  So there's a lot of guys who like my painted toes too, they are just less inclined to make a comment about them to a stranger because they are so afraid of being seen as gay for doing so.  It's not gay, and I think it's very cool that a guy is confident and open enough to compliment another guys style.  So to that customer, if you read this, thanks for the compliment.  Even as a guy, I appreciate comments like that.

Well, off to shovel some snow.  Take care, and keep warm everyone.

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