Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Help a little boy be accepted for wearing nail polish

Hey all, I got contacted by one of my readers through this blog who asked if I would support her sons Facebook page which is called Polish for Patrick. Her young son was getting bullied for wearing nail polish and the school told him he could no longer wear nail polish to school as it was disruptive.

 I have been in a long chat with his mother today and as I understand it, he's not showing up to school in girls clothes but mainly showing up wearing nail polish and getting bullied.  And the schools response is to reprimand the boy being bullied?  This is so wrong.  Why aren't they trying to instead teach the other kids that it's OK to be different from the crowd, and that Bullying is NOT acceptable.

So I want to ask my readers to visit their facebook page and show your support for this little boy.  You can like their page and post something supportive at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1417295265202499/?fref=nf and show you're support for his right to choose how he lives and expresses himself.

Once she gets enough support for this cause, the mother is considering approaching the media with the story, and to show them the outpouring of support her son has, so please take a moment to visit their page and show your support for individual expression.

Thank you,
Guy Purcella